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How Hershey Foods uses the 4Ps in its Marketing Strategy (Essay Sample)


Discuss How Hershey Foods uses the 4Ps in its Marketing Strategy


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How Hershey Foods uses the 4Ps in its Marketing Strategy
With intense global completion in most industries, individual companies must be creative and strategic to remain afloat in the market. As such, marketers adopt varying marketing strategies to help catapult their products to customer favorability within markets. Marketing mix (4Ps), including the four elements of product, price, place (distribution), and promotion is one of the widely utilized frameworks for defining marketing strategy, as evidenced by considerable success (Resnick 17). This essay discusses application of the 4Ps strategy by Hershey Foods.
Hershey Foods is one of the prevalent global brands that deal in syrups, sweet sources and chocolates (Koonar 339; Kizil et al. 97). The company differentiates its products to a variety of sizes and shapes, with the aim of reaching diverse target groups. Some of the outstanding product appeals include the conical-shaped Hershey Kisses and the creative hand-rolled product packaging. Throughout its products, the company engages continuous product innovation strategies in its marketing mix to position as healthy and delicious for its consumer groups. Moreover, the product packaging is appealing to the consumers, especially children.

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