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Analyzing the Political Satire on Criticizing Donald Trump's Regime (Essay Sample)


Analyse the political satire as used to criticize president Donald Trump's regime


Satire is defined as an art that is used to ridicule a subject with the intention of provoking the subject, or to prevent a change, be it positive or negative. Usually, humor, irony, and exaggeration are used to aid this. Satire is commonly expressed in the form of songs, drama, novels, and poetry. With the progressive and improving technology, satire has been incorporated in films, radio, television, music, and different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
Unlike humor, Satire is meant to leave the audience with questions regarding the character or the topic under study. Satire has been used in the political and social systems to explore, develop and ridicule political figures, structures, and systems. It is used to answer political challenges, religious questions, and problems that are faced in the day-to-day social interactions within the society. Satire is also used to expose dirty linen below a politician or under the policies of a particular regime. This paper provides a showcase to thoroughly show and investigate the forms of satire relevant to Donald Trump’s regime.
Political satire during President’s trump regime.
In the United States of America, the media has been given the freedom to creatively develop satire as a critic in the administration of the country. Donald Trump is the forty-fifth president of the United States of America since the country received its independence (Apter, Emily p20). Trump’s administration has been ridiculed since it took over in November 2016. The media has used satire to ridicule and criticize every decision that the president has taken. His unprecedented and randomized actions that have often left people speechless have attracted criticisms from the media, his supporters, and the opposition.
In as much as political satire is an essential aspect of democracy, it sometimes makes some people angry and unhappy. For example, some of Trump’s supporters feel like some of the people are often paid to spread fake news and create TV programs in the name of political satire. In Donald Trump’s reign, cartoonists and the media were among the top people who created and used satire as a method of ridicule and critic (Apter, Emily p20).
Each of Trump’s decisions and policies were always received as either ill-advised ideas or humor created out of them (Apter, Emily p20). This created a political uncertainty which become a target for television shows and programs like ‘Our Cartoon President’ that copied and symbolized every decision of Trump’s administration and made it seem like a joke, and humorous, to ridicule and criticize the failures of its policies.
The most famous and appreciated political satire which ridiculed Trump’s regime and decisions was from an Instagram post that was posted by an artist known as Darquette who’s an American Socialite and blogger (Howley, Kevin p120). Darquette posted cartoons of Donald Trump making wrong decisions and how confused they were. This post attracted a lot of attention to Trump’s administration. The cartoons ranged from confused characters to monstrous ones based on known characters by American citizens.
During his first day in office, a lot of drama was produced and spread throughout the media and all over the internet. Cartoon-like images that ridiculed the number of people that were present in Donald Trump’s inauguration. Later in 2018, Trump, after skipping a dinner he was invited to, exposed the spreading news and termed them as ‘fake news’ a term that later become another source of humor and cartoon-like images to mock the president (Howley, Kevin p120). He skipped the dinner allegedly because there were so many Hollywood celebrities and media personnel.

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