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Communication in Conflict Management Communications & Media Essay (Essay Sample)




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Communication in Conflict Management
Communication plays an integral part in relationships. Relationships differ in different environments, as humans relate to each other differently. People build relationships in working environments, as lovers (romantic), as families, and many more. In short, Communication is a way of how we relate and interact with others. Excellent communication is a significant portion of all interactions and a crucial part of any healthy companionship. All relationships have both good and bad sides, but improved and healthy communication design can make it comfortable to deal with disagreement and form a stable and better partnership. This study aims to discuss how communication helps in solving conflicts with the individuals we relate to in regards to what specific ways we refer to them, that is, as workmates, as lovers, and other reasons for creating relationships.
By meaning, communication is the transmission of information from one place to another (McQuail et al., p5). As relationships, connection lets you clarify to somebody else what you are undergoing and your needs. The action of interacting not only aids to meet your desires, but it similarly benefits you to be linked in your bond. Four types of communication includes verbal, non-verbal, written, and visual. The use of these types of communication differs in regards to what communication is intended to solve. For example, a parent can make a face to his or her child to communicate danger for what he or she has done without saying a word (non-verbal communication), and the child will acknowledge the threat. For that reason, communication is essential as it helps us send and receive information (Uzunoğlu et al., p589). Other types of communication include verbal that involves spoken words. Written communication includes written materials such as books, magazines, and many more. Visual communications include the use of pictures and videos to communicate messages. The connection can be evident in different environments:
Family Communication
Effectiveness of Communication in Family
Effective communication is a fundamental trait of stable, healthy families (Johnson and Hamernik, p10). The study recognizes connection as a vital building block of powerful matrimonial, parent-child, and brotherly relationships ( Gottman and John Mordechal, p89). Family interactions are the way oral and non-verbal message is exchanged among family members (Dinică and Răzvan, p110). Communication involves the capability to pay devotion to what others are thinking and feeling. That means a significant part of interaction is not just speaking, but also listening to what others say.
Communication in the family is exceedingly important since it allows members to communicate their wants, needs, and concerns (Gallois et al., p12). Honest and open communication generates an environment that permits family associates to convey their dissimilarities, along with love and respect amongst family members. It is via the interface that the family fellows are capable of resolving the inevitable snags that happen in all families.

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