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Negotiation: Strategy and Planning Communications & Media Essay (Essay Sample)


the research paper required an investigation of the typical phases and stages of an evolving negotiation, as well as how different goals and issues can affect the planning process of negotiation.


Planning and strategy are essential concepts of negotiation. When they are well executed, they can result in success. Effective planning and approach is a critical precursor for achieving the objectives of negation (Cronin-Harris, 31). As such, through effective planning and having a well-instituted plan, the majority of negotiators will be able to achieve their objectives. Regrettably, studies have shown that systematic planning is not a useful concept that most negotiators are willing to undertake. Although work pressures and time constraints make it challenging for negotiators to find adequate time for planning, for majority planning is tedious and boring, thereby making negotiators put off easily in favor of getting an action done quickly. The research paper starts by exploring a broader process of strategy and planning development, whereby negotiator's objectives and goals are defined to develop a strategy that addresses an issue and the ability to achieve one's goals. Besides, the research paper will also discuss the typical phases and stages of an evolving negotiation, as well as how different goals and issues can affect the planning process.  
Goals-Focus Driving Negotiation Strategy
Goals are a focus that drives a negotiator's negotiation strategy since goals have a direct effect on the choice of the procedure applied. As such, it is essential to understand that goals can affect negotiations. It should be understood that one's wishes are not their goals when it comes to negotiation. It is because goals tend to be liked by other people's intentions. A practical goal should, therefore, be specific, measurable, and concrete. If a negotiator's purpose does not have this features, it will be challenging for a negotiator to communicate to other people what they want to achieve, understand what other parties intend to make, and it will also be challenging for them to determine whether the available offer on the table can satisfy their goal.

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