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Bill Clinton: The Speech on Signing of NAFTA (1993) (Essay Sample)


the speech of bill Clinton on the on NAFTA

Bill Clinton, Speech on Signing of NAFTA (1993)
Bill Clinton the then president of the united states of America delivered this speech on the day the North American Trade Agreement was being officially initiated to become operational. He is motivated to speak about it since it has been so tough to convince the various stakeholders, including the congress, the citizen of America and the rest of the other countries to accept the free trade among the North American counties. In this case, Bill Clinton feels happy and like a hero for having won the heart of these stakeholder to accept it (Hagen, Katherine 917.). The opportunity in the treaty makes him have a chance to show the world he performed his function as the president of creating job opportunities for not only his country, but to the rest of the countries who were to be the members of NAFTA.
Bill Clinton is motivated to express his points in the speech by the fact that all members were ready to pay him attention. He was seen as a hero who did the impossible. Therefore it was his responsibility to convince the stakeholders involved that it is achievable and give the citizen hope of better life and good employment. This is why he speaks with vigor and with a lot of motivation.
In his speech, he risk discouraging the other nations not to sign the treaty. For this reason, bill Clinton becomes very careful to mention the relevant issues that was to make the three nation to sign the treaty. In this case, he had to show the relevance of the NAFTA treaty to the other nations. He therefore achieve this by giving the advantages of the treaty and how each and every nation which will be a signatory will enjoy. Bill Clinton had to take further precautions not to let his individual citizens loss hopes in him. For this reason, he had to convince the citizens of the United States of America that it is a way that they will have to expand the opportunities in the nation.
The massage from the speech becomes very clear. That is he wanted to express his gratitude to all the stakeholders who accepted to be part of the treaty. He also wanted to appreciate the citizen and the congress for participating actively in the treaty. In addition, he wanted to build hope for the treaty and build a positive energy for the enactment of the treaty. To achieve this, he reminds the Americans of their past history of not accepting treaties the negative reparations, especially in the case of the great depression that tr...
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