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How The Media, Especially The Social Media Has Improved And Affected Communication (Essay Sample)


The Essay explains how the media, especially the social media has improved and affected communication


Communication and The Media Platform.
Media and communication have a significant influence in our daily life since we live in a small more connected and globalized world. Communication allows us to learn and explore more about our culture. Media and communication facilitate the exchange of communication, improves and strengthen social ties and develops personal and business relationship. Communication is a fundamental element in our daily activities which makes things easier and help shape our lives CITATION Pad15 \l 1033 (Scannell).
Media facilitates communication where communication is a key aspect in all levels of our lives which include; interaction with family and friends, the interaction between consumers and a buyer, flow of ideas in mass media and e-commerce and the promotion of political policies. Communication enhances critical thinking, persuasive speaking and writing skills, problem-solving skills and analysis, and improves teamwork. Communication and media provide crucial insights about the world, broadening people perspective and they are expanding their horizon about their views of the world. In the 21 st century, technology has improved communication and enhanced the media. Media both written and broadcast media have grown tremendously over the past decade with the emergence of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and recently WhatsApp CITATION Jam06 \l 1033 (Watson).
The social media platform has given people the power to express themselves freely. The Internet has drastically changed how people connect and communicate. The web brings strangers together, and they get to share their interest and objectives. This nurtures a sense of belonging and identity. Communication raises important issues especially public issues where the other get to share their ideas. Communication, in this case, helps in accountability of critical issues like corruption in the government. The media aids in spreading the information to many people with an aim to promote or pass a message. The primary importance of the press is to help the information reach to as many different people from all corners of the world.
Communication primary aim is to alert us to what is happening in the world around us. The communities and other individuals are always receiving messages from a multitude of media sources such as phone message alert, internet, television, billboards, and magazines. The messages broadcasted on this channels promote not only products but also important news, moods, attitude and none relevant messages like celebrity gossip. Every information transmitted in the media is always relevant to an individual. Communication this day has revolved. With the emergence of new media, platform information is taking a shorter time to reach the targeted audience CITATION Jam06 \l 1033 (Watson).
The internet through the social media application by now is the fastest mode of com...
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