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Career Planning Creative Writing Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Fundamentals of Learning (FND 1000 3.00) Fall term 2019
Assignment for Week #2
Having a vision of success and how to strengthen my weakest “sense”
What is the format of the assignment?
□ it takes the form of a typed paper (2 pages max) indicating at the top of the first page your name, student number, tutorial section, the title FND 1000 Assignment #2, and the date
□ please use Times New Roman font 12 pt, single spaced with double spacing between paragraphs; please insert page numbers and add your name on each page
□ please name your document according to the following protocol: FND1000Assign1YourLastnameFirstname and save in one of the following formats : doc, docx, pdf or rtf.
When is it due? Who will grade it and how much is it worth?
□ this assignment is to be submitted using the Assignment box on Moodle (Assignment 2 found on the date of Sept 11 on the FND 1000 Moodle page ) by the deadline of on Moodle at the beginning of your tutorial on Sept 18/19/20/23
□ please note the policy on attendance and late assignments at the end of this document
□ your tutorial leader will read your assignment and give you feedback one week after it has been submitted i.e. at the tutorial meeting of Sept 25/26/27/30
□ the assignment is worth 10 pts in FND 1000.
What is the goal or purpose of this assignment?
The goal of this assignment is threefold:
a) for you to show an understanding of the Lizzio “senses” as a possible useful framework for thinking about your academic success,
b) for you to apply the framework to your own situation and identify which Lizzio “sense” is your strongest one and which one is the one you most need to develop
c) for you to identify one resource that can help you strengthen the sense that is most problematic for you right now --- see suggestions with links below.
Paragraph 1 : Self assessment using the Lizzio five senses
In this paragraph, explain the 1-2 “senses” identified by Lizzio that are well-developed in your case. Provide evidence by giving an example of an action/incident that shows you having strength in this “sense”. Then identify your weakest sense and give 1-2 examples of actions taken (or not taken) that illustrate why you think this sense is not well-developed in you. Do you find Lizzio’s framework useful for thinking about success in university? Is there anything missing from Lizzio’s 5 senses that you would add?
 Paragraph 2 : Getting Specific: Developing a plan for success
Your goal for this year is to raise your GPA. In this paragraph, please indicate your current GPA and try to estimate what grades you will need to earn in your next 24 credits to bring your GPA back up to at least 4.0. Then make this goal more specific by thinking about steps that you will need to take to go about doing that. Return to paragraph 1 and restate your weakest “sense”. What immediate steps can you take to strengthen this sense (e.g. if your weakest sense is connection and a feeling of belonging, you might consider finding a club to join, going to a club meeting, or pushing beyond your comfort zone to meet new people)
Paragraph 3 Identification of resources that can assist with developing your weakest “sense”
The goal here is for you to identify one resource that is potentially of use to you to strengthen the sense that is most problematic for you. You may use one of the resources explored during this week’s tutorial, or you may wish to delve into another of the resources listed below. Be sure to explain why you think this resource can help you and how you intend to use it.
- for a sense of academic culture: how might any of the following be useful
Learning Skills Services at
Writing Centre at
Library Research Guides:
-for a sense of resourcefulness and refining “purpose”, how might any of the following be useful
10 secrets of success at
the Skills you need site at
Lynda—Learning Skills on demand, in partnership with Linked-in you need to use your Passport York to access this site.
FND 1000 3.00: Reminder re Attendance and policy re late submissions
Attendance at lectures and tutorials in FND 1000 is essential for re-launching you successfully on your academic journey. If you miss a lecture, you are required to listen to the lecture recording which will be posted on the course Moodle site. If you miss a tutorial, you are also required to contact your tutorial leader so that you understand the content covered as well as the details of the next assignment, which will be due the following week by your tutorial time. Details of the 12 assignments (1 per week) will be posted on the course Moodle site and all assignments will be submitted via the Moodle site.
Timely submission of the assignments (a total of 12) will be crucially important for the rhythm of feedback and for developing your academic skills and self-regulation strategies. The first 6 assignments are weighted more heavily (10 pts each) and the remaining 6 will be shorter and weighted at 5 pts each--- because we anticipate that work in your other courses will increase as the term progresses. There will be 12 pts allocated to attendance at lectures and tutorials. To obtain a note of PASS in this course, you need to accumulate a minimum of 60 pts.
Once during this Fall 2019 term you may use a “Late permission” to extend the deadline for an assignment by 48 hours. After 48 hours, unless there are circumstances of illness or other serious impediment, the assignment cannot be accepted. Remember that the FND assignments are not major essays—rather they are short, very doable assignments to keep you focused and to prompt you to apply the techniques and strategies presented during the lectures and tutorials in this course.


Career Planning Reflection
1. Values Audit
Personal values are indispensable in personal growth and career management. The following five core values play an important role for my life choices in various ways.
* Diligence: Practice constantly, keep persistence and indomitable spirit.
* Positive attitude: Hold an optimistic view of events, keep energy and confident.
* Self-control: Get the ability of learning self-control and stay calm in every situation in my life.
* Responsibility: Be responsible for myself through the choices I make and own my own life.
* Teamwork: Build a good and solid social network with others and have good sense of teamwork spirit with good working attitude.
Personal values are crucial to career management because they can help me to orientate myself. It is essential to identify strengths and weaknesses to confirm individual’s abilities and opportunities in career planning and development (Palade 2010, p.125). The personal skills sand values are significant when expressing the barriers in decision-making. The values of the individuals affect their attitudes, behaviors and thoughts. Thus, the values also affect career choice which is one of the most important decisions in people’s lives (Erdogan & Ali Caglar 2013, p. 119).

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