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Most Important Human Experience Creative Writing Essay (Essay Sample)


Write an essay of between 250-3oo words discussing the most important experience everyone should have in their lifetime


Brian Onyango David
Mrs. Anna Hill
22 November 2018
Most Important Human Experience
Human life is very complex and when every single person is born, there is always an attribution to their existence. At least according to science, everyone plays a role in the ecosystem. This is however inevitable for one to realize the reason for their existence since it is not wholly voluntary. The single most important experience that every human being is supposed to have is the need to serve humanity.
Human beings are creative people who have evolved over the years and optimized different technologies such as smoke signals to now computers which are used to send information. Besides, transportation, energy sources, information and currency have all been revolutionized by humans to make life better for the future humans. In essence, being part of a team committed to improving life conditions for the future generations is indeed a good experience. This begins at an individual level when we begin to realize that every choice we make will have future repercussions, which implies that sectors of environmental conservation can be personalized to preserve life for the future.

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