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I am a mother of two: reflective essay Creative Writing Essay (Essay Sample)


it was a topic of interest from the student: a reflective essay


I am a Mother of Two Children
I can count the number of times I went to court just to try and get child support from him. He would send me money for a month or two but then come up with a legitimate reason why he couldn’t give me the full amount as instructed by the court. I was barely twenty-two years old when I chose to part ways with my husband after learning that he had not parted ways with his first wife even after promising me that he would when he married me when I was still twelve years old. Life seemed hard for me at the time that I barely thought that I could manage.
With hardly a third-grade level of education, I would spend long nights away to work just to provide for my two sons. My first born was now ten years old while the younger one eight years old. When I came back from work in the deep hours of the night, I had to wake them up from their sleep that they may do their homework. I would then follow suit to guide them in putting into memory their mathematical table as well as listen to them as they learned to pronounce the words from a book. I was not one to associate with other women within the neighborhood that I would call friends, and I wasn't the type to depend on my relatives for help. So I had to do handle all these by myself. I had to sacrifice myself to train them to be responsible men in the future.

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