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FICTIONAL LEGEND WRITING. The Legend of Simbi Nyaima (Essay Sample)


Short story:
Imagine and get in the head of one of your ancestors, and tell their story in a 2-page double-spaced paper. You might imagine the story of one of your ancestor’s adventures or what it was like for them to live through a particular time, or make a particular decision. Remember that although the story should be rooted in reality (i.e., even if it didn’t, it could have happened), the story is fictional, and you can take artistic liberty.
You may use any of the following to inspire your story:
● A scar
● A ghost
● An era
● A photograph
● A fear of _______
● A personality trait or temperament


The Legend of Simbi Nyaima
Brian Onyango David
This legend attempts to explain the existence of a mysterious small Lake known as Simbi Nyaima. The villain is a King who takes control of a Kingdom after the death of his father. The King rules with oppressive malevolence and the poor people end up having to live through hardships. It does not take long before a heroine, believed to be a god, comes to the rescue of her people. In the event, she encounters hurdles while trying to warn the King. She is despised and kicked out of the King’s presence. With no options left, she is forced to leave with the obedient people who bathed, fed and believed her. The king and the rest of the population eventually face the consequences of their actions when an earthquake occurs swallowing up the whole kingdom, which later turns into a lake named Simbi Nyaima after a huge rainfall. It is a classic example of a Legend that tries to explain the origin of the Lake but without substantiation. In the end, good wins over evil.

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