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Are Helicopter Parenting Beneficial to College Aged Children (Essay Sample)


The sample is about the effects of helicopter parenting on college aged students. How it affects their decisions making abilities and social skills

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Are helicopter parenting beneficial to college aged children?
Helicopter parenting arises out of a number of reasons. To begin with, a parent may have feelings of anxiety over the job market or the economy in general thus pushing them to take more control over their children’s lives in an effort to protect them. Further, parents who feel that their childhood was neglected or unloved may over-compensate their children. This occurs in an effort to cure a deficiency that such parents may have felt in their own upbringing. The fear of grim consequences may also lead a parent to be overprotective of their children. Another reason is that, observing other parents take control of their children lives may also pressure parents to do the same. While helicopter parenting usually starts with good intentions, it usually denies children the chance to learn from everyday experience. The purpose of this paper is to access negatives arising from helicopter parenting.
Helicopter parenting inhibits children from learning from life experiences. Helicopter parenting helps in building self confidence, feelings of acceptance and love. However, as parenting gets more engaged, children do not learn from the challenges and failures their face in their everyday activities. According to Gordon and Kim (1) however, many children are okay with their parents’ protectiveness. A UCLA survey released on 24th of January 2008, 84 % of first year college students believed that their parents had the right level of involvement in their lives. Arguably, helicopter parenting for college students leads to decreased self esteem and confidence. This is largely because children feel that their parents do not trust them with making the right choices or decisions. Further over involvement of parents in their children lives may lead to poor coping skills (Bayless, 2011). When parents are always there to clean their children’s mess, the children will never be able to learn from the disappointment, loss or failure. The children will on the other hand feel less competent in handling stressful situations on their own.
Micromanaging a child leads to increased anxiety and undeveloped life talents. College students are older enough to be physically and mentally capable of performing tasks that will help them learn to master skills which...
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