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Ukrainian human trafficking situation (Essay Sample)


Ukrainian human trafficking situation


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Ukrainian human trafficking situation
Ukrainian human trafficking situation
Human rights are a fundamental right that facilitates the human race to cater for their needs. For instance, the right to work enables humans to provide food, cater for health, education and shelter (Ball & Hampton 7). However, several humankind groups have exploited the Right to Work in negative ways. These groups oppress people so that they can get cheap labour through fraudulent activities and misuse of power. Even so, the human right organization always protests against such treatment terming it as a violation of human rights (Ball & Hampton 7-8). The human rights advocate that Trafficking victims' protection act of 2000 define human trafficking as subjecting humans to labor, illegal activities, prostitution and other forms of inhuman acts without their consent. It involves falsely recruiting, harboring, and transporting of a person for labor and services, through force, fraud or coercion. The main purpose is subjection to involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage or slavery (Ball & Hampton 8).
Labor trafficking can be classified into three categories. The first category is bonded labour, which is defined as people working for their master in order to repay their debts. The next category is forced labor, which stipulates that their master forces people to work because of the fear of punishment and the use of violence on them (Ball & Hampton 10). The third category is child labor, which is defined as forcing children to enter the labor force where they are exposed to physical and health dangers. In most cases, the children are hindered from completing their education. Those children who complete their education end up failing. Indeed, labor trafficking is mainly centralized in countries with low income or high poverty levels such as Ukraine (Ball & Hampton 11).
Ukraine is one of the main countries where humans are subjected to labor trafficking. In fact, Ukraine IOM and local NGOs reported that 49 percent of Ukraine population are victims of labor trafficking (State Department) (Ball & Hampton 13-14). Ukrainian victims mostly are sent to high-income countries such Russia, Poland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and many other European countries (trafficking in prisons 34) (Ball & Hampton 14).
In 2009, the Ukrainian IOM indicated that the percentage of labor trafficking cases increased every day. Ukrainian males aged from 31 to 60 are considered the most the most vulnerable to forced labor. Most of them are sent to Russia mainly, and other countries as well to work in constructions sites, factories and agricultural sectors or sailors (trafficking in prisons 34) (Ball & Hampton 15). In addition, sometime males victims of labor trafficking are forced to be engaged in illegal activities such as demolishing property, stealing property, and transportation of drugs. They are forced to sell these properties and drugs in illegal markets. According to the IOM reports, children are also subjected to forced labor. The report indicates that four percent of children are forced to work in prostitution dens or put to the streets to beg for money, which is later collected by their oppressors (Ball & Hampton 15). Women also are considered as...
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