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If you could take back any deed you have done and do it differently, what would it be? (Essay Sample)


An essay with the Topic: If you could take back any deed you have done and do it differently, what would it be?

As I was growing up, it was instilled in me that the level of a person’s success was measured by their level of education. In my society, all those people who were accorded respect and believed to be successful had at least a university education. Despite the fact that my grandfather earned his respect in the society for being successful farmer and a retired athlete, my parents and other learned relatives believed that attaining a university degree was the avenue to success. As a child, I was obligated to obey my parents so I didn’t have the option to choose what I deemed the path to success.
I attended the most prestigious schools around the country and I performed exemplary both in academics, sports and co-curriculum activities. Immediately when I joined high scho...
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