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Long-Term and a Short-Term Life Goal (Essay Sample)


The Difference between a Long-Term and a Short-Term Life Goal


The Difference between a Long and a Short-Term Life Goal
James Odhiambo

The Difference between a Long-Term and a Short-Term Life Goal
A life goal is a preferred achievement or result that an individual envisions. Many individuals endeavor to achieve goals within a specific time by setting time limits. Setting goals is a vital process that enables an individual or an entity to think within the frames of their ideal future, and for motivation purposes (Wilson, 1994). This process also helps an individual to choose the path to follow in life, what they wish to accomplish, and the manner in which they should concentrate their efforts. There are different types of goals in life. These include long and short term goals. Both long term and short term goals provide a framework of purpose and shape attitude of persons within a given period of time. There is a difference between a short term and a long term life goal.
A short term life goal is a plan that is intended to be accomplished within a short duration of time. This time duration can mean a day, a week, months, or even a year. In this case, a short term goal provides a clear framework for immediate plans and actions by enabling their execution. Within this limited time duration of a day, a week, a month or a year, this life goal creates a momentum for plans and confidence for setting immediate strategies (Wilson, 1994). In this regard, a short term life goal provides immediate feedback to measure the progress of an individual in the society. This goal is not intended to be attained within a long period of time.
A long term life goal is a plan or an activity that is aimed at in the future. This goal is important since its completion enables visions to be realities. The time duration for this goal vary from five to ten years. A long term goal gives a clear picture of where an individual wishes to be in the future and how they want to accomplish their targets. In this case, a long term life goal provides a foundation on timely basis, how future plans should be achieved and the modalities that should be followed (Ward, 1953). An adjustment on a long term life goal is made after every two to five years depending on existing priorities or circumstances therein. This life goal requires efficient planning and time.
Essentially, short and long term life goals are very important in the society. The difference between short and long term goals is in the time-frame for execution. Whereas a short term goal is accomplished within a considerably short period of time, for instance a week, a long term goal is intended to be attained within a long duration of time. This time-frame for a short and a long term life goal relates to the context in the general time limit that an individual set...
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