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Event Evaluation Report (Essay Sample)


i was to give a report of the events of the day and explain how the show was organized

Event Evaluation Report
This report presents the activities of the event held at Norton Heath Equestrian Centre in Chelmsford on 10 November 2013. The event was a dressage show that had been adequately prepared for by the organizers. It was the most successful event in 2013, as it did not disappoint all people in attendance. All riders who had registered for the competition attended on time, and hence the event started immediately five minutes before nine am as scheduled. The clear organization of the show was the result of a tiring one-week exercise by the main organizers of the show, the Cravers Group. The Cravers Group is a group of young people who have passion in organizing events and enjoy the success of the events. Having been mentored by members of staff and committee members from Ingatestone and Blackmore Riding Club, the group ensured that it did all that entailed in planning for the show as well as organizing it. Limitless efforts by the members could be noticed where they sacrificed their own obligations for the success of the organization of the show. The members were able to overcome the challenges that threatened to stop the events from happening. Through thorough consultations, they were able to organize the best show ever in Norton Heath Equestrian Centre.
Brief Description of the Dressing Show
A dressage is the development of the rider and the horse until they build one harmonious and balanced team. In its preliminary stages, dressage helps the rider and the horse communicate with each other and hence, they are able to develop strength, balance, accuracy, and flexibility. Consequently, riders who have different backgrounds and competitive objectives use dressage in order to create a pleasant and improve the performance of the horse. Through dressage, a horse is able to use its body and it becomes balanced and light while in the arena. There is subtle communication between the horse and the rider such a way that after sometime, the horse seems to be performing without the rider.
Riders volunteered in high numbers and had to register five days before the big day. They also had to confirm their attendance two days before the competition day so that the group would be able to plan how the competition would be held. The main objective for the competition, according to the group, was to practice their skills of organizing an event until it succeeds. In addition, the group wanted to bring the riders together and make them practice dressage as well as entertaining the people who would attend the show. It was also the best platform of marketing the group as successful event organizers so that big corporations would give them other opportunities and use the learnt lessons in organizing other events. Some of the targeted customers of the event included corporations that encouraged dressing in the country, individuals as well as, other businesses, which sought to market their products during the dressage show.
Expenses and income made
For the show to be successful, expenditure was inevitable. However, due to scarcity of capital, the group had to minimize the expenses up to a level that was reasonable enough and affordable to everyone. Since it was the first time for the group to organize such an event, the members could not take huger risks since they feared failing to meet their targets. Since the group had hired space and facilities from Norton Heath Services, it had to pay a fee of £500 to cover these expenses. Since the group had planned to offer refreshments for the customers, it had budgeted for £ 41.70. Judges in the competition had to be paid £55. There were three judges where two were hired and one was a group member, and hence he did it free as a way of appreciation. The group also purchased test sheets, which cost £25. It also had to pay for three rosettes, which cost £270. First aid services had been hired in case of emergencies and they cost £ 18 per hour. The whole event took ten hours; hence, £ 180 was used for the services. The total expenses amounted to £1071.70. In order to reimburse this amount, the group members had to raise the amount through the sale of tickets. The event was a total- sold- out, and the tickets raised an amount of £1032. The amount was able enough to refund the expenses incurred and the surplus was channeled to the account of the group. It was a non- profit event, and hence, the price of the tickets was reasonable enough. The group did not have any income targets since its main aim of the collections was to refund the expenses incurred during the preparation of the event.
Preparation of the show
For the preparation of the event, the whole group of six members had to take part for the event to be successful. Delegation was the best decision made so that every activity would be accomplished within the stipulated time. Three of the members had the roles of planning and brainstorming what was best for the group. The other three worked hard to implement what was planned and this involved linking with all the relevant stakeholders of the event. However, when one group needed the other for assistance, they would work together for the success of the day. Efforts of members of staff and committee members from Ingatestone and Blackmore Riding Club could not be ignored as they helped a lot in briefing the group regarding planning and organization of the show. The members of the committee issued instructions on how to limit the expenditures so that there would not be much to spend. They also gave the group effective marketing strategies so that the tickets could be totally sold out. The committee also ensured that the competition was in order and helped in the making of the program of the day. Other specialists consulted include Racers, an organization that helped the group in organizing the horse competition fully.
Marketing of the show
The group formulated ways which to market the show. First, the group members met at the home of one of the members where they held a brainstorm meeting on how they would market their event. This happened one month to the show and the members concluded on the most suitable methods of marketing that would help them meet their customer target. One of the suggested ways of marketing was publication of posters around the region. The members had to contribute money for the posters, which would be refunded immediately after the show. The condition of refund was that the takings from the show had to raise enough amount for the same. This motivated the members to ensure that the target was hit so that they would get the refund. In addition, the members agreed on personal appeal to the potential customers. The members vowed to convince at least five customers per person each day, and this would make a good assured number. As a strategy, the members had to prepare advance tickets, which would assure the attendance before the day of the show. The marketing strategies were effective, as most of the advance, tick...
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