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My Character from the Side of Other People (Essay Sample)

Subject is: How would your friends characterize you? Look at yourself from the side of other people and analyze your character in such a way. source..
Student's Name Instructor's Name Course Date My Character from the Side of Other People Standing on the outside, looking in, was a task I never thought I would do. Worse still, having to look at myself through others people's eyes seems interesting, but I can confess it is not an easy undertaking. At first acquaintance, one would get the impression of an ignorant snob. Well, that is according to one of my closest friend, Damian. With the knowledge in mind, I became curious to know what other people perceived of my characters. I once engaged my newly found friend, Josh, and asked him to describe me. My friend, at first, had some difficulties, but then he said, "You are a lot of things. I do not have one word for you." I could not take that for an answer. I pressed him further to say more, and after a lot of thinking he came up with one word, ‘weird.' Weird? Could it be my fashion taste or personality? Either way, it presented a chance for me to scrutinize myself from my friends' views. In one instance, I met an old friend with a few of his friends, who were strangers to me. As we got talking, I could almost swear I detected a tone of disbelief as the conversation shifts from pleasantries to the weather, and to politics. At that point, one of them was blunt and told me he was surprised by my contributions, seeing that I was well informed with current affairs. Most people assume, am ignorant. It is then I realized my clothes also add to people's impression about me. I remember my friend, Francis, asking me why I was always in black clothes and brown African Safari boots. "It's not that am gothic, rebellious or a freak, and I certainly do not know how to play a guitar, I simply l...
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