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Death Penalty (Essay Sample)

I was to persuade a reader to side with me regarding death penalty source..
Name Professor Course Date Death Penalty Sometime people make mistakes that bear very tough consequences from the arms of justice. Where there is enough evidence that a crime has been committed by a specific person, the law must take its course and deliver judgment according to set laws. However, some crimes bear the worst verdicts; death sentence. In my opinion, irrespective of the set laws, it is not right to bring another person’s life to an end because of a crime. According to Scheb, man is a social being and his behavior can change depending on conditions or situations provided. Even though some criminals commit some crimes consciously, if they are incarcerated, they stand a higher chance of reforming and becoming remorseful over their actions and mend their ways. Surely, although the complainants may feel relieved that justice has taken the course, there is no real benefit to reap from sentencing a resourceful person to death. At the time of committing a crime, the culprit may have been emotional which may be disregarded by the jury. To add to this, from a sociological perspective, a man is product of a society he or she lives in, and it is clear that societies that have no norms often find themselves brushing with the law (Massingill and Sohn). New born grow in crime and this becomes their way of life. If only there can be a skilled person to instill morals in these criminals they can be good people and probably very resourceful persons. Everyone has a right to life and since no man can give a new life, then he should not end another person’s life (White). As a staunch believer in religion, I believe that there is only one superhuman giver of life and only who should take a person’s life. Thus, when verdicts from judges are passed and obeyed, they contravene the laws of the giver of life. Though in the previous times, human has tolerated cruelty towards his counterparts the present day should be the turning point that death penalty must be abolished. If this happens, people will learn and see it as a heinous punishment and be done away with upon conception of the ill to be committed on a criminal. I believe the law is set to bring justice, but no justice can be achieved by killing another person (Chenwi). This is like retaliation, which cannot balm a wounded heart. Yes, the criminal should pay for his or her crime but not through her life. Some laws are set at times when there is a lot of pressure because of the prevailing issues, and there is very little time to think of the consequences they may cause. Although, death may bring justice to one side, it creates injustice on the other. This creates a vicious cycle that is totally unjust. Honestly, death sentence needs disinfecting. It is wrong to use killing as a warning to other persons (Bertell). Although proponents of death penalty hold that death sentence reduces crime, I oppose this in the strongest terms possible because committing a crime is subject to some factors which may not be countered by news or laws whose contravention would cause one to be imprisoned and be sente...
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