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Disability is not inability (Essay Sample)


Instructions for case List your top 5 interests that matches a a challenged person •Basketball, Cooking, Hiking, •Find a famous person with a disability that shares your interest (pick 1 or 2) •Bring in to class 5 facts relating to the disability; must include: •Type of disability •Onset/cause •Shared interest (why you chose this person) •How it relates to the 3 definitions of disability

Disability is not inability
The state of the society is ever conquered what is normal and natural as ways of founding the general, unquestionable right and good. Likewise, there are ways under which the denial of legitimacy and rights that are entitled to an individual or a group. Having going through disability and justification of inequality in American history by Douglas C. there is need to address some crucial aspects of disability in the society as some disabled are isolated and perceived in a different way in the society. Therefore, this research paper will discuss one’s interests having relating them to disabilities scenarios.
List of five interesting things I enjoy doing
Personally, I like and enjoy cooking, hiking, swimming, dancing and playing basketball. I do consider these as my hobbies given that I can do them anytime of the day or night. This may have been brought about by the fact that my mom works in a restaurant where she serves as a waiter. She perused a degree in hospitality and management before she secured the job. This implies that when she is from work, she does do things professionally hence mentoring my personality.
I may say that am happy and grateful for being a normal being. Despite this, it is essential to also note that at one time or the other; one can share some interests with another person. In my case, I happen to share interests with Nick Vujicic who is an Australian Christian evangelist. He was born in 4th December 1982 and he happens to have had some physical complications that made him not to possess the neither the hand nor the legs. You must be wondering of how nick looks like! Here is an image of nick taken as at February 2012.

Reason for choosing Nick Vijicic
First, it impressive the...
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