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The Coolest Thing I Have Done Lately (Essay Sample)


What\'s the coolest thing you\'ve done lately? The fourth mode we have discussed this semester is that of process. This has to do with the steps involved in doing, making, or observing a phenomenom. For blog 4 tell us about the process of doing something important in your life. In other words, explain the steps involved in doing something really interesting, whether a school project, an internship, volunteer work, or even a research paper. No sources were required

The Coolest Thing I Have Done Lately
Travelling and exploring new places has always been my hobby from childhood. Every summer holiday, my family goes on holiday to a place we have never been before, and some time I get to join my friends for summer camp. The previous holiday, I decided to try out something that I have never done before; voluntary work. One of my friends from a community college asked me to join him in a voluntary job at a nearby hospital where he was planning to spend his holiday. I was hesitant at first, because I would miss out joining my parent for vacation. From childhood, I have perceived voluntary work as a waste of time. However, my perception changed after working as a physician volunteer in a hospital. Today, I encourage people to try out voluntary work, especially those who are undecided about the career they want to pursue.
Working as a volunteer in a health institution was a new experience for me. I was exposed to a totally new world, and working was a terrible experience for me during the first week. I could not handle the smell of the medicine, I was moved by the pain I saw in some patients, and watching some people well up because they could tell whether their sick relatives would not make. At some point I felt like quitting, but after the first week, I got used to my voluntary job as well as the patients. One of the reasons why I decided to stay and keep the job rather than quit was that, I realized that I was engaged in an activity that involved caring for humanity.
Working as a physician assistant, required that help in taking care of the patients, feeding, and simply talking to them. Later, I began to enjoy my voluntary job, especially after learning that the people in the institution were very friendly. Also, as a volunteer I learnt that I played a very important role in the life of the patients. Most of the time, I would assist the patients to walk to other rooms and outside, talk with them, read stories to the sick kids, and help them take their medication as authorized by the physician. I would also bring them flowers, newspapers and basket gifts. Every time I did these things, I realized that I brightened the patient’s day and gave them the hope. One of my favorite patient kid, Brandon, always told me that he would forget that he was in hospital whenever I spent time with him. This is because I would put a smile on his face by reading stories and with my singing, which he loved.
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