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There is no Hope of Doing Perfect Research (Essay Sample)


The essay was about the challenges encountered in conducting a research. It is clear that it is almost impossible to have a perfect research and this sample essay analyzes that in the broader sense.

There is no Hope of Doing Perfect Research
The debate as to whether research can be perfect or not has existed for quite some time, and may still stay for as long as research is used in solving problems faced by humanity. The word perfect is an absolute term that relates to impeccability and flawlessness. It is the highest allusion to positive quality that relates to faultlessness. The fact that research is used to solve problems makes it an indispensable process that humanity cannot avoid. Nonetheless, the idea of perfection cannot be applied to any process in which human beings and machines are involved.
All human and machine processes are subject to errors and mistakes that are generated both systematically and assystematically. Therefore, it would be wrong to allude that a process in which any of them has been engaged can be conclusively unflawed. At the same time, several research processes that are similar in nature with identical methodology, but done by different institutions or individuals under similar conditions end up producing different results. Considering the meaning of word perfect,’ if it in any way applied to research then we would expect similarity in outcomes of all processes done under similar conditions, which is not usually the case (Babbie 5).
Research is carried out in an environment that has the application of controls and heavily depends on sampling. Sampling does not bring sufficiency in data collection and wholesomeness in perception; it is non-inclusive of all aspects. At the same time, research is usually an ongoing procedure that does not reach a perfective state. If research were...
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