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High School Students Should Wear Uniforms Research (Essay Sample)


High School Students Should Wear Uniforms

High School Students Should Wear Uniforms
The relevance of uniforms in high schools is a controversial topic that draws different opinions from people across political, religious, and economic divides. While proponents cite discipline and equality as some of the reasons uniforms are essential, opponents believe that they limit their freedom as well as individuality. On the other hand, economists opine that they are an unnecessary burden. However, uniforms are beneficial to the learning process since they create a balanced learning environment, teach discipline, and discourage peer influence.
According to Felder and Brent, a classroom environment should provide an open learning platform for all students (69). In this regard, there should be a mechanism for ensuring that all learners fit in the system without exposing their social status. Uniforms are an ideal strategy for achieving such milestones since they present no basis for comparing one student to another. As such, they are useful in maintaining equality in a classroom setting.
Besides the academic aspect, schools hold the role of imparting discipline to learners. Learning how to wear clean and well-maintained dresses equips them with a life skill. For example, clean socks and well-placed ties are useful grooming aspects even in the workplace. In this regard, uniforms encourage learners to uphold decency and personal hygiene.
Finally, uniforms are potential distracters of peer pressure since there is nothing to compare between students. Even though people believe uniforms limit the expression of individuality, they could also lower peer influence. Wearing casual clothes could encourage students to compete for attention, which could make them wear indecently. Consequently, schools should embrace uniforms to mai...
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