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Letter to The State Representative (Essay Sample)


This document is about a letter that is ADDRESSED to a senior GOVERNMENT official in the student's locality. The student was instructed to ADDRESS an issue in the community that may need GOVERNMENT interference or help. I choose to write a letter to the state representative of security in minnesota and raise an alarm about police brutality in the region. My issue focuses on the mistreatment of black people by the police in minnesota. In the LETTER, i expressed my concerns and hopes that the police department WILL LOOK into this matter with the seriousness that it requires.


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Letter to State Representative
The Honorable Lawrence Michael
114, Police Department Building,
RE: Police Brutality
Dear Representative Michael:
I am writing about the recent instances of police brutality in Minnesota. A significant cause of death for African Americans now is being killed by law enforcement personnel. Compared to white people in the state, they are more likely to be murdered by the police because of the exclusive policies and institutionalized racism in the police institution. African American society and international allies have shown widespread support and protests in response to recent police killings. Numerous African Americans have died needlessly and avoidably due to the historical perspective on white supremacy values in criminal justice systems and the marginalization of African Americans in society (Ehrenfeld & Harris 1).
Law enforcement officials should only shoot at moving vehicles in exceptional circumstances, according to a guideline that could be implemented to change the culture of the police. Before using excessive force, officers should be obliged to try other options first. Additionally, the police force should establish a duty for other officers to step in when one of their colleagues decides to use lethal force. The department should require all law enforcement officers to report the use of excessive force and any coworkers' attempts. The solution will decrease the likelihood that law enforcement officers will engage in encounters that could ultimately result in the use of force. Suppose you consider the issue from this angle, you will see that law enforcement personnel will be put in a position to reduce the use of excessive force and raise responsibility. Law enforcement officers are encouraged by ethics training to follow the judicial and legal procedures surrounding the use of force, and it helps to teach them how to control their emotions in tense situations (Pollock & Williams 1). Additionally, ethical training gives law enforcement personnel the foundation for intervening and limiting the use of lethal force. Law enforcement of

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