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Letter To My Future Roommate Creative Writing (Essay Sample)


A letter written to a future roommate

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Letter to my Future Roommate
I had hoped that we would make proper introductions in person, but I'm equally excited we have a chance of knowing each other before we meet. I'm excited we'll be sharing a room in the near future and would like to tell you a few things about myself first, before we meet.
I am a friendly, social and likable person with no difficulty in making friends. That being said, I believe we will get along well. Most people around me say that I'm very responsible and neat. I always clean after myself in case I make a mess and love being in a clean and organized environment. I hope you share the same traits, and I'd be very grateful if we kept our room clean and organized at all times.
In case you're wondering about noise, please be at peace. I am not distracting whenever someone is doing their own work. I do love music, but most of the time I listen to it in my headphones. I'm also a heavy sleeper and my sleeping hours are regular, so don’t expect to hear me making unnecessary noises late at night. Should you want to sleep early and I'm still studying, you wouldn't have to worry about the lights staying on. I can manage studying under a bed lamp and I believe that won&r...
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