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There is No Hope of Doing Perfect Research (Griffiths 1998) (Essay Sample)


This paper is based on finding out whether there is hope of doing perfect research and what research really entails.

Title: “There is No Hope of Doing Perfect Research,” (Griffiths, 1998, p97). Do You Agree?
Basing ourselves on Griffiths (Griffiths 97), there is no hope of doing perfect research. In order to fully grasp the impact of these words, we need to know what research is. The Oxford Dictionary defines research as “the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.” Owing to the fact that research bases itself on the investigation of materials and sources, I believe as well that there is no hope whatsoever in doing perfect research. This I base on the fact that if research were prefect, there would be no need for further research into a subject and subsequently, the entire human race as we know it would be living in a cocoon of sorts- judging from the ignorance and backwardness we would possess.
One of the simplest ways of showing there is no hope in doing perfect research is the field of medicine. Medicine has always been at the epicenter of our lives and undermining its value to society would be a complete disservice. Upon doing a research, I discovered that one of the most feared diseases to ever affect the human population was the Smallpox virus. The smallpox virus had tormented the human population for centuries on end. The efforts to stop the disease bore fruit in 1979 when the World Health Organization (WHO) proudly announced the eradication of smallpox. This was particularly successful due to the development of a vaccine that could prevent one from contracting the disease. Would there have been any need to further research on the disease, If research was perfect? The population would have probably declared smallpox incurable and we would be still suffering from ‘the pox’. I believe this proves that “there is no hope of doing perfect research” (Griffiths, 97)
One other notable example that proves that there is no hope of doing perfect research is the agricultural research. In the past, agriculture was the main economic activity for the human population. In those times, agricultural knowledge was handed down to children from their parents. Most of that knowledge was acquired through the then popular trial and error method. People experimented and made new discoveries from both their failures and successes. The current approach to agriculture in the modern world is a paradigm shift when compared to the olden days. Agriculture is a Science that needs to be learnt and perfected to achieve maximum potential (Norton, 45). This great change in perspective on agriculture has changed the lives of millions of individuals the world over. From new effective crop farming methods and techniques to the modern approaches in animal keeping, the change cannot be ignored. A very good example of this development is in the field of animal husbandry. In the olden days, the farmer would be actively engaged in selection of suitable sires and subsequent crossing of the animals. Well those days are long gone because the modern farmer only needs to contact a veterinary doctor who will bring the frozen seed of the desires sire and artificially inseminate the animal. The new crop breeds that ar...
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