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Reflective Assignment: Writing Official Business Messages (Essay Sample)


Please write a 6-8 paragraph reflective essay that addresses the following:
• What you have learned in the class; please be specific and offer some examples.
• How this course fits in with your lifelong learning process—discuss what you want to here. This part is important because this assignment is graded with the Lifelong Learning Rubric (see the top of our course site where this rubric is posted.
• Please include reflections on: the challenges you have faced in your education and in your career (recruiter) thus far, how you have addressed these, and how the skills you have been practicing in this course might help you further.
• Please offer your thought process about this semester as a whole, and beyond: your strengths and growth, what you'd still like to work on, where you've been, where you want to be headed, how equipped you feel you are, what you want to pursue, and what you think you need next.
• This essay should be written in first person .
Please keep in mind that this is a reflection on you and your work; you will evaluate the course/instructor in another format.

Reflective Essay Assignment
The primary teachings were about writing official or business messages. I learned about communication in the business setting and the most appropriate ways of addressing various people at the workplace. For example, the purpose, tone, and details of the message differ from one audience to the other. Further, a message should display professionalism by avoiding discrimination based on ethnicity. As a writer, I learned that the language used to deliver a message should avoid harsh and disrespectful words to the receivers. Learning to communicate is a fundamental thing in my career since communication is the basis of success in the business field. The topics covered aimed at educating how to pass official information in business. For instance, with the evolving technology, a company cannot assume the e-communication methods. Hence, I learned how to use email, write blogs, and other social media sites. For instance, if I am the administrator of the company’s Facebook page or Twitter handle, I have learned how to pass messages that are unbiased and display professionalism. I have also learned about making a message more useful through visuals. For instance, when writing the instructions and procedures, it is important to include images. It eases communication, and the user becomes more interested than when using plain documents. Communication is vital in business. Hence, the course is one of the most important learning activities in my career. I have learned how to write proposals which are crucial in any course. For instance, I learned that a proposal should be persuasive to ensure that the funding organizations choose my project. Besides, when working in a company, problems might arise, and the company would require my help to solve the problem. Hence, with the skills gained, it will be easier to write a winning and correct proposal on how to address the problem.
Further, in future, I might be required to write instructions and procedures. The course has offered me valuable skills on how to perform the task successfully. I will write clear and concise instructions that the learner will find easy to use. Besides, including visuals such as photos, charts, or maps in the procedures make the student understand quickly. Hence, the course has a lifelong impact on my career. Throughout the course, I have learned to write various types of letters. For instance, the inquiry letter is a crucial item in my career. It could be used when enquiring about products, job opportunities, and other relevant information about a firm. A customer relation letter could be used to approve decline, thank or solve a problem. Hence, with the knowledge, I can communicate effectively with clients regarding issues in business. A special request letter applies when the inquiry is different and distinct. Learning to differentiate these types of letters is an advantage in my current and future careers. The letters will apply all along my life while learning and practicing in the business world.
The challenges of the course include being in a position to differentiate the various formats of the communication tools applied in the business setting. For instance, each of the communication methods possesses a particular form that one has to understand. Adequate practice is necessary to possess the skills of writing these items. Hence, it is challenging to find a way in which one will utilize all the skills gained. For example, I was used to writing letters only and watching other people write the proposals and the reports. Another challenge in learning to write business communication information is being in a position to change the tone, the words, and the methods of addressing various stakeholders. Individuals in the company hold different positions from the others. Hence, when addressing them, you have to use a language that fits each and every one of them. Therefore, it is hard to differentiate the different terms to use. Besides, confusing the addressee's details such as gender causes misinformation. Thus, it is challenging when communicating with an individual who has not provided adequate details about them since some subjects of communication are quite distinct. Another problem experienced in the learning process is the inability to understand the most appropriate method of conveying information. For instance, when new at the workplace, it was hard to determine when to send a personal letter to the involved parties and when to write a memo for all people. Besides, determining when to present a report or a proposal about an issue especially in an unsolicited case is hard.
To address the challenge, I would request a copy of the written document so that I can practice and write another one similar although not for an official purpose. Through the practice, I am confident that I have gained adequate skills to write the reports, proposal, visuals, and websites. Besides, I have been asking other people to hire me to write these documents for them so that I can gain adequate experience. Through the papers I have written, I am co...
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