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A Creative Writing About John The Activist (Essay Sample)


A creative writing about john


John was a first born in a family of six he felt the burden of a great responsibility and at the same point a role model to his siblings. His father died from as a result of mine collusion and therefore her mother was going through a tough time raising the family all by herself. Currently there had been high level of unemployment and poverty level in his native village was rampant. After finishing the undergraduate degree and an in vain search for job, he went back to his to village where he met jack his best friend since their childhood. On a grass roofed house and a mudded supportive was jack’s house where the two men had a chat. In there was where jack enlightened john on an upcoming recruitment of a terrorist group where the member’s families were given huge sums of money. With amusement, john stood up from a ragged three legged couch and walked out of jack’s hut.
It was on a Monday morning one day before the recruitment process. John’s mother developed kidney complications. She had to undergo a six month therapy in struggle to treat the disease. John felt the pain, he knew he had to do something urgently and he decided to visit jack. Jack on his side, enlighten john on the advantages they will enjoy when they join the terrorist group. “We will never lack food; our families will have something to keep them going, and as you have narrated to me about your mother’s diagnosis, am sorry but this is the only way to get the funds needed for her cure.”
Both john and jack passed all the tests and were now members of Hazard terror group. They underwent harsh teachings to harden them. The most important thing was that one could do anything to attain the leader’s objectives to an extent of even killing. John adopted with the life even though he was guilty for he was not brought out in such rituals. He made an irreversible decision and so he had to face the wrath.
Day in day out john and jack were sent out in terror missions and they came out victorious but not on this day. It was at dawn on a mission to conquer the ruling government by invading police camps and deteriorate the armed forces of the government. Highly armed, they were keen to tak...
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