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Describe Television Stations in the Contemporary Society (Essay Sample)


The task was to write a creative essay about the impacts Televisions in the contemporary society. this sample discusses the effects of t.V stations as well as the ir advantages and disadvantages.

Television stations in the Contemporary Society
Television stations are one of the most important inventions of the 21st century. Almost everyone in Africa watches a favorite Television station at home today. Be it educational or entertainment. Life would be so boring without a Television nowadays.
First and foremost, thanks to the Vernacular Television stations, we have first hand information in our local languages at our finger tips today. We are constantly informed about what is happening around the world without leaving our homes or even switching to foreign stations. Furthermore, Television has made learning at home possible. In fact, some Television stations dedicate their programmes to specific interests. With services providers Zuku and DSTV, one can watch hundreds of educative channels including documentaries (Campante and Daniel).
Campante and Daniel sates that channels such as Discovery, NatGeo, Animalia among others reveal to us more about nature, thus expanding our world of thought. Nevertheless, when it comes to sports, fans can watch their favorite teams at home or at social joints. Moreover, Zuku and DSTV provide a wide variety of sports that one can watch for leisure. The some channels provide training programmes such as martial arts, which maybe be utilised for individual training (79-85).
A further advantage is that old people living alone find Television a very good company at home. By tuning to the station they like most, or switching from one station to another, they get rid of their loneliness. On the same note, keeping the aged busy hinders them from psychological ailments such as stress, depression and high blood pressure, which emanate from excessive thinking in lonely environments (Bursztyn, Leonardo, and Davide Cantoni 26).
We cannot forget to mention that Vernacular Television stations inculcate and save guard our cultures; by appreciating the use of vernacular languages. In addition, the use of our native languages encourages people to know their mother tongue hence protecting their natural heritage. Global companies also rely on Television stations in advertising their products. Through the invention of Television stations, entrepreneurs find it easy to monitor global market trends at the comfort of their houses. Television stations are also sources of income. Citizens are employed in the Television stations at different capacities, ranging from semi-skilled laborers to skilled laborers such as managers and technicians (Bursztyn et al 28).
On the other hand, too much television can create problems in the family; through constant arguments of which channel to watch hence isolating part of the family members. When one is watching the Television, he or she does not feel like talking or being disturbed since they are so absorbed in what they are watching. This self-absorption brings in the issue of ‘couch potato’. Watching Television is also addictive hence may turn to be a cause of irrespo...
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