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Research And Describe Why Are Tutors Important? (Essay Sample)


Writing a paper on why tutors are important

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Why are tutors important?
Teaching as a matter of fact has been essential in the lives of many. Students from different backgrounds of life have benefited their lives through the skills impacted in them by tutors. Through frequent and precise help, tutors have given hope to many students.
Tutors are important in the lives of many students who desire extra help away from class. Through the skills impacted, students have been helped improve their work habits. It is through frequent practice that tutors help students build on their learning that takes place in formal classes. Tutors help students improve their planning, organization and the way they approach learning projects and assignments.
Through personalized help to students, instructions are therefore delivered individually which provides for immediate feedback to the tutors thus understanding of their students’ difficulties becomes easy. Learning in such a manner helps students build on their strengths and also their individual learning pace. Tutors allow students to receive additional help and reinforcement that essentially provides additional opportunities to practice the application of what is taught. The more students practice the more they improve their skills in their areas of weakness.
Tutors have more often than not met many specific students’ needs. Tutors offer students individual attention to help them learn in different and perhaps more effective ways that help them build their confidence. Effective tutoring helps students reduce non-productive or risky behaviors. It is through their privacy that many tutors offer students a safe, supportive environment after school that can help students make productive use of their time. The negative effects of internet access, television and the addiction to mobile phones and social media is reduced in a significant way as students under the watch of private tutors often have more time to study rather than waste their time on irrelevant preoccupations.
Social and behavioral skills...
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