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A Once-In-A-Lifetime Event Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


This was an exercise in creative writing, where the professor asked for an essay based on the topic "A once-in-a-lifetime event". The challenging aspect was that the client needed it in the morning right before class, meaning I had less than an hour to complete and deliver the paper.

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A once-in-a-lifetime event
Many years ago, I was on vacation to a seaside island with a group of my friends. We had been saving throughout the whole year in order to visit this location, which was known for its luxurious beaches and entertaining night life. Although our whole trip was very pleasant and memorable, there was one event that stood out to us that we were particularly fond of, since we considered it to be a once-in-a-lifetime event. We were approached by what appeared to be a TV show crew. The producer told us that they were filming a special tourism segment, and that they wanted our group to be filmed enjoying some of the luxurious things that the island had to offer, all at the expense of the show. Needless to say, we immediately agreed and started our memorable experience.
We were first taken to a special beach that was closed-off for ordinary visitors. In order to get there, we boarded a large and luxurious two-story bus. It was brightly blue in color, and it adorned the logo of a tourist agency. Upon our arrival to the beach, the cameras immediately began rolling as we were greeted by the hosts of the beach. We were given complimentary baskets that included drinks and beach accessories. As we settled on the beach, we were told to just enjoy ourselves while the cameras filmed various things.
The sand on the beach was extremely soft and warm, and it was obvious that it was a well-kept resort reserved only for the guests of a nearby hotel. The beach was also covered in colorful ornaments, making it look very exotic and attractive. In the near distance we could spot several small yachts, which bobbed on the waters along with the rolling waves. There were only a few clouds in the sky, and the sun glistened across the reflective sea surface.
After taking a short swim in the warm and shallow waters, we dried ourselves off and proceeded to a small restaurant that was located a small distance down the beach. After seating ourselves, the waiters brought in large plates with all kinds of beautifully prepared meals. There was a lot of seafood such as lobsters, calamari, and mussels, but there were also other delicious meals that attracted everyone’s attention with their colorful arrangements and irresistible scents. Close to us there was a two-man guitar band playing instrumental pieces. As the notes carried themselves through the tranquil air, we couldn’t help but be charmed with the overwhelming beauty of the scene. Seagulls could be seen landing and taking off across the blue waters in front of us. No matter where we turned our gazes, it was always a delightful sight to behold.
As we were finishing our meals, the evening hours were slowly approaching as the sun started descending slowly towards to distant horizon. An orange hue enveloped th...
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