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Describe Your Favorite Tv Ad And Explain Why You Found (Essay Sample)


describe your Favorite TV Ad and explain why you found/find it interesting

Favorite TV Ad
The TV is a popular form of communication in the contemporary world. Therefore, many individuals, as well as organizations, have embraced the culture informing their designated audiences through television adverts. Notably, the level of creativity and the information embedded in the ad determine its appeal to the target. In fact, a boring ad could result in an adverse impact on the image of the advertiser, instead of delivering the intended message.
My favorite advertisement was on the great contributions of mothers in the lives of their children. The Nickelodeon TV channel depicted a perfect timing when they first aired the ad in 2016 during ‘Mother's day.’ Besides, its uniqueness is beyond reasonable doubts since only a few individuals have remembered to acknowledge the important roles that moms play in the lives of their children. Furthermore, most of the advertisements are business oriented, and their developers may broadcast false information all in the name of capturing a broad market. The ad, however, had factual information to pass to the public.
To sum up, the characters used were very prominent people and whose success is admired by many. The actors were; Kelvin Hart, a famous comedian and Tom Cruise who is an all-ti...
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