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Reflection About My Visit For The Crossroads Dragway (Essay Sample)


in this assignment you will write a Reflection about my visit for the crossroads dragway.

Heavy fog covered the road as we drove through the smooth road towards the Great Motorsport Stadium in Southern Coast. I was almost unable to see my way from the showers of rain that obscured my vision at the windscreen. My friends were beginning to lose hope of an anticipated annual drag racing that took place in one of the country’s best stadium. I gave myself some moral to drive as the traffic began to build. The usual excitement of drag racing lovers in every event seemed not to be present as some cars in the traffic took U-turns and drove back. My initial anticipation began to fade as my friends started to grumble and wished they had not wasted their weekend travelling for hours to watch the race. I resisted the urge to chip in into their reasonable option of travelling back home and enjoy the rest of the day.
Cars began moving slowly along the traffic that was almost five kilometers long. Angry drivers began hooting frustrated at their attempt to reach early to get the best seats for the show. Suddenly, the road seemed to be a noisy choir of cars. Traffic officers appeared from the thick fog to calm down the anxious drag racing lovers. Though their efforts were futile. Fortunately, the slow moving traffic began moving in a faster pace. Relief was written on my friends faces as I turned to ask whether we should persevere the traffic or give up. Their faces gave me a go ahead and a feeling of excitement. The fog began to clear as the rain reduced. This was going to be a great day as I had hoped.
Towards the entrance, the traffic officers led the convey into different checkpoints where they stopped briefly for security checks. Security officers wearing heavy raincoats and gumboots approached each and every car. They began checking the car from the inside to the boot for any suspicious activity or items that may cause any fracas in the stadium. Afterwards, the cars proceeded to the ticket booths just at the entrance of the stadium verifying the tickets for the race. Once that was done, we then parked the car and made our way towards the stadium.
The Great Motorsport stadium was enormous. It had the capacity to accommodate more than five thousand motorsport lovers. The traffic made us not punctual as the cars were already paraded on the racing tracks. Different automobiles from the BMW, Ford and Subaru were showcased as their companies were the main sponsors for the event. The latest and newest cars that were being launched by the various companies were the main curtain raisers as they were taken for test drives on the racing tracks. Cheers and shouts echoed the stadium as the lights illuminated the beautiful cars on stage. I could not miss an opportunity to miss the show. My friends and I hurriedly made our way through the parked audience towards our seats.
Our seats were soaked. We unfortunately scored the seats where the roof on top of us had an opening that let rain water wet the seats. Moreover, there was water pipe beneath our row of seats that was splashing water. It made a little pond of water on the floor that forced us to stretch out our feet in an attempt to keep them dry. This was not the situation I had hoped for. All the other seats were all occupied and no one was willing to move over and create sitting space for us. We were forced to either seat at the soaking wet seats or sit at the general area where people would stand to watch the drag races. We decided to bear the seats and have a great view.
As the test drives were coming to an end, the managing director of the Great Motorsport stadium made his way at the stage before the audience. More cheers and loud claps sounded as the audience rose to their feet just to catch a glimpse of the man behind the great show that was greatly anticipated. Mr. Smith quieted the excited drag racing lovers as he gave gratitude to the great turn out of attendance of the audience. He promised that we would not be disappointed, instead enjoy the variety of shows that were lined up in the racing program. Shortly, drag racing drivers made their way towards the tracks with their neon colored gear. Fans were cheering out their favorite drivers while attempting to take photographs as they went to their respective cars. The cars were parked at the stage while the mechanics quickly made their final checks and maintenance before the race. Fuel tanks were refilled, windscreens dusted and polished, car tires were checked for air pressure and finally the drivers were given their helmets.
They drove slowly towards the white marked tracks as they roared their engines for their fans. One fan had already made her way towards the sleek blue Subaru on the second track, to get an autograph from the Subaru driver. The alert security guards had already took grab of her and carried her away f...
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