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Writing E-mails, Reports, and Memos (Essay Sample)


addressing the following points (please write full essay not bullet points):
What did you learn about writing emails, memos, and reports? What was new to you and what did you already know?
Why is it important, in your perspective, to learn about proposals, outlining, and business plans?
Do you think all students should be aware of ethical issues such as copyright, plagiarism, etc. or only those who work in technical writing fields? Why?
What did you learn about requesting or writing letters of recommendation?


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
What did you learn about writing emails, memos, and reports? What was new to you, and what did you already know?
I learned that proper writing is necessary. People need to communicate the ideas they have with a sense of professionalism. Emails can be a great indicator of how one communicates with others. This skill plays a major role in choosing future employees for companies and building rapport within their current company. I also learned that emails, memos, and reports are written differently. 

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