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Arguing a position. Education Essay. Educational Research Review (Essay Sample)


write an essay in which your argue your stance and Perspective on this question, does the current system of education value intelligence? Be sure to use well chosen evidence and counter arguments to strengthen your stance. Must be thesis driven with a clear conclusion must use at least two sources and the 2/3 rule.


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Arguing a position.
The ultimate objective of education is to enable a child to grow into a productive individual that employs the acquired knowledge and skills to sustain themselves and members of the society as well effectively. In 2019, about 56 million students were enrolled in elementary, preparatory, and high schools in the United States in pursuit of an education that will intensify their intelligence. However, the curriculum in the current education framework does not match the students’ needs.
First, the present-day college entrance exams such as the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) and American College Test (ACT) are not tantamount to the essential skills needed to forge a better nation. Collage entrance examinations, the alphabetical tests are inefficacious in predicting the capability of students in anatomizing situations and presenting solutions to real-world puzzles (Wallis). 

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