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Physics 403. The Atom and Atomic Theory. Education Assignment (Essay Sample)


the task was to find out who discovered the atom. This paper brings out briefly the historical developments that led to postulation of atomic theory.


Physics 403
17 May 2020
The Atom and Atomic Theory
It is of great importance to give credit to those who make a significant contribution to the building of scientific knowledge. Who discovered the atom so we give him credit? How has the discovery contributed to building scientific knowledge?
In physics, atomic theory is a scientific model of the nature of matter, which states that matter is composed of very small discrete units called atoms. This atom is the smallest particle of matter. A hypothetical idea about atoms was first put forward by Greek philosophers. Leucippus is supposed to have been the first to put forward an atomic hypothesis at about 500B.C and it was greatly extended by Demokritos (Goldstein and Campbell 9, Peacocke 1). The atomic hypothesis by Leukippos was a speculative idea that was not based on observable facts. 

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