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Technology and Education: Why Governments Need to Invest More in Educational Technology (Essay Sample)


The assignment is an essay discussing reasons why governments need to invest more in educational technology.


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Technology and Education: Why Governments Need to Invest More in Educational Technology
Education: Then and Now
Education is no longer what it used to be in the last 20 or even 10 years. Drastic changes in all spheres of life, including education, have made sure that stakeholders need to go back to the drawing board to create policies and practices that serve the 21st-Century learner and educator. At the centre of this rapid change has been technology. Advances in technology have widened the scope of education particularly with regard to the relationship amongst teachers and learners. The traditional teacher of the 80s and 90s is almost being replaced by a virtual one (except for instances where personal contact between the learner and educator is desired, which is becoming even rarer) CITATION Win16 \l 2057 (Winthrop, McGivney and Williams).
Gadgets such as tablets, laptops tablets and mobile devices are in high demand as parents and guardians strive to ensure that their children are keeping up with the changes in the world as far as education is concerned CITATION Kimnd \l 2057 (Kim). And, because education is a fundamental right for every citizen, the government has a critical role to play in facilitating this change. A research conducted by (technological advances) established that learners in the middle and low-income countries are behind their peers by about 100 years in schooling measures. This is compounded by the rapid changes in technology and the growing complexity of global workplace interactions, which means that learners are facing a completely new set of problems from their parents 10 or 20 years ago CITATION Win16 \l 2057 (Winthrop, McGivney and Williams).

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