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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Studying Abroad (Essay Sample)


Task: the benefits and drawbacks of studying abroad
the task was about the advantages and disadvantages of studying in another country. I described reasons why someone should opt to study in another country and some of the challenges they are likely to encounter.


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The benefits and drawbacks of studying in another country
Studying in another country is progressively becoming a global trend, with most students preferring to undertake their studies in institutions located in the most desirable destinations like the United States. In this globalized era, many universities have embraced international support from educational agencies such as UNESCO, which has urged institutions worldwide to work together to provide quality education.
Research shows that many national scholarships programmes offered to students from upper-middle-income economies and countries are a major factor why there's a tremendous growth of foreign learners (Mariginson 2011). The growth of international students has largely been driven by various government sponsorship and initiatives which targets learners who wish to pursue their higher education outside their homeland; for this reason, the U.S is at an enviable position in international student enrollments reaching a record high of one million in the academic year 2017/2018 (Open Doors 2019).
Furthermore, international students have provided tangible economic contributions to many countries. To function effectively in this age of globalization, many countries, including the USA, have opted to host many international students as part of their plans of increasing revenue collection. In the U.S alone, international learners have contributed a significant amount of money exceeding billions of dollars to the United States economy. Also, Paltridge et al. (2012) claim that revenue from international learners reinforces the host country's economy.
Moreover, students studying abroad benefit from improved 

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