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City of Baltimore and the Eye-Catching Inner Harbor (Essay Sample)


I was requested to describe Baltimore as a city


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City of Baltimore
Baltimore is a historic city that began early in the 10th millennium BC as a center for maritime and rail trade. Baltimore is one of the largest independent city in the United States created by the construction of Maryland in 1729. Baltimore is also one of the largest metropolitan area in the country with a population of about 2.8 million as of 2017. Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is perhaps the most iconic place in the city, which also acted as the primary entry point from immigrants from Europe early in the 1820s.
Baltimore is also known as the city of neighborhoods, with nine separate geographical regions, that is, Northeast, Central, North, South, West, Northwest, Southwest, East and Southeast. The neighborhoods were racially diverse in late 1835 until later in the 19th century when racial segregation came to its peak. The population distribution of the city’s 

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