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Effort Is More Important Than Talent (Essay Sample)


Effort Is More Important Than Talent


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Date due: 8th November
Effort Is More Important Than Talent
As human beings, from the time one is born growth is inevitable. To grow one must experience value to themselves and others. It is difficult to improve or grow when there is no one around to lead. Human beings continually get preoccupied with new ideas, objectives and projects as they grow. Every person aspires for a brighter future, but what's their drive? According to Angela Duckworth, everyone should have Grit to aspire for a brighter future. Grit is passion and perseverance for long-term and meaningful goals. Duckworth says. Its agreeable that hard work or effort is much more essential than talent because if someone has talent, it is almost likely he or she might lose it due to proudness but hard work makes talent, if one puts effort to a particular goal one must achieve it therefore hard work beats talent.
Any person must learn to aspire to get a little better every day by finding something that fascinates them, connecting to a higher purpose, and surrounding themselves with gritty people. According to Duckworth, “Some people are great when things are going well, but they fall apart when things aren’t.” Thus, a bias towards finishing what you begin rather than leaving it half finished, is actually characteristic of some of the most successful people in the world. In the face of adversity hard work or effort and resilience is the most obvious attribute of Grit and to experience it one must find their work interesting, meaningful and important. In achievement talent still plays a huge part, Duckworth says successful people are not satisfied relaxing on their laurels. While talent sums up to something, effort counts twice. Duckworth continues to say it is much easier to hang out on a plateau of arrested development
Practice equals to continuing success. To be successful one has to put extra effort towards their objective and Duckworth says to develop Grit one must try something they are not capable off and nobody wants to do what they cannot yet do, or rare are those individuals at least, she says. When one sets aside one aspect of something they want to work on, they must focus 100 per cent and put up extra effort towards it. The key driver to achievement and success is Grit, and perhaps it is far more crucial than talent Duckworth continues to argue that to get anywhere in life and doing something worth it takes effort and actual excellent needs no shortcuts, and to achieve goals and what one aspires, sustained commitment to doing things worth doing is a crucial factor. According to Duckworth hard work beats talent especially when talent does not work hard. For an apparent reason, any person must learn to aspire to get a little better every day by finding something that fascinates them, connecting to a higher purpose, surrounding themselves with gritty people and putting extra efforts for better and positive results.

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