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Economizing on Education Education Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


The task is illustrating how education can be priorities more than other sectors in the country and the returns it brings.


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Economizing Education
Economizing is about reducing spending on a specific sector or commodity. To reduce duplication or cut prices, one can prefer to economize. A nation has to economize on scarce resources, for instance. It is costly to run a public school system, and it should be costly. Our classrooms are shaping the future; the next generation is being educated by our schools to continue the American dream. The teachers in the classrooms are the most valuable assets in education-they must be the best! The preparation and stability of teachers are important. To build rich opportunities for pupils, we must continue to invest in the best instructors. Our spending habits must continue to be measured and evaluated; we must be good stewards of taxpayer dollars. About what matters the most, we cannot cut corners and economize.

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