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Serena Williams as a role model to Children Education Essay (Essay Sample)


Identify aspects of Serena Williams that make her a role model.


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Serena Williams As A Role Model
 Professional athletes in contemporary society can either affect the points of view of future great men and women. Children from a tender age learn from the people they follow either on social media or any other means of exposure to society. Athletes thus play a vital role in shaping and acting as navigation for the younger generation who share a mutual talent or hobby as the athlete. Role models, however, can either instill good or bad behaviors in children and consecutively act as role models. This essay will probe how Serena Williams, a professional tennis player, is a splendid role model for children regardless of all self-limiting beliefs that pin children down.
Serena Williams, who is an African-American, is a good role model and a pivot for the dreams of all children of color. Children get discouraged not to pursue their dreams because they hold low self-esteem. An analysis by (Love and Maxwell,35) suggests that Serena Williams is more than just an athlete; she is a role model to millions. Despite being of black descendent, Serena Williams rose above all her challenges and made it a world-renowned player. It is safe to conclude that she is a prolific role model because she challenges young people to be better. Serena Williams, as a role model, has an outstanding performance.

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