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Discuss the hypothesis that Piketty gives in his Ted Lecture (Essay Sample)


The task was to discuss the hypothesis that Piketty gives in his Ted Lecture.
the sample analyses poketty's hypothesis that wealth inequality could be due to returns on capital exceeding economic growth rates. On the contrary, Digital economies open new opportunities for wealth creation that do not always follow Piketty’s logic.


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Income Inequality
Income inequality is one of the biggest controversies in economic theory and a major driver of economic policy and decision making across the world. Scholars propose different explanations for the rising income and wealth inequality, ranging from quite plausible to almost unbelievable ones. Thomas Piketty once suggested that wealth inequality could be due to returns on capital exceeding economic growth rates. His TED speech has caused a rippling effect among scholars. Later, he had to give up some of his controversial claims about economic inequality. 

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