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How Knowledge is Imparted to Students, By the Teachers (Essay Sample)


Using both hooks and Freire as a reference think about your own educational experiences. In your educational life, what types of educational belief experiences have you had with teachers? Discuss how these interactions and educational belief systems affected your identity.
What is your main point that repeats itself from each paragraph? Write that down in the margin. The repeated concept is your main point.


How Knowledge is Imparted to Students, By the Teachers

There are primarily diverging views when it comes to deciding upon how knowledge is imparted to students, by the teachers. Both Hooks and Friere present a similar point of view within their literary works, pedagogy of the oppressed, and the heart-to-heart respectively. A situation that I can relate to that lies in close connection to this subject is when I was in high school. During this time, a certain teacher, whose classes I attended displayed a very rigid demeanor. While the distinctive topics he taught were decent enough, with all major definitions and rules being instructed to us, I found it inherently difficult to approach this teacher. Due to this strained relationship that I had with this teacher I found it difficult to approach him when in doubt. While this continued for a significantly long period, I eventually developed a disinterest in the subject. A continued process of doubts piling up one over the other led me to believe that I was just not cut out to study the subject. Eventually, I began to believe that all my efforts were in vain, and thus, nothing would come out of working hard. The next year, a different teacher was allotted the subject. While I was skeptical about presenting my doubts in front of him, gradually his friendly demeanor allowed me to ask questions, and examine the text. I scored an impressive grade during this time. This teacher represented the importance of positive reinforcement and a polite demeanor, and that the absence of polarizing positions was sufficient to build great relations. Friere contends that the appropriate method of teaching, and imparting knowledge to students is not effective upon the application of the banking method of teaching. Instead, the Raison d’etre brings out the effectiveness and evokes critical appreciation and reflection amongst teachers, as well as students. Similarly, Hooks states that the appropriate method of teaching does not lie in dominance, but rather to teach through love. An appropriate method of teaching is gradual, patient, and evokes critical reflection.
How educational practices are controlled throughout the world is significantly flawed. In a classroom setting, there is a party within the authority and another party that is demanded to be compliant. This does not allow for any form of critical reflection. With the obligation to only memorize, and not ask any questions, I found myself last, and unworthy of studying the subject. Further, any critical thought I had about the subject let me think that I had simply not understood the topic better. Repeated practice of this sort of education system in a far longer run is deemed ineffective. Friere contends, “Those truly committed to liberation must reject the banking concept in its entirety, adopting instead a concept of women and men as conscious beings….” (Friere). According to these lines, the banking concept, which refers to the disposition of certain information that must be memorized, and learned by students is highly destructive. A primary reason for this is the availability to have a person thought process. The idea of the dominance of one party over another this balance is the system of education, whose primary purpose should be the convenience of honest knowledge. This idea is restated by hooks in his article.
A very general view regarding education is that a dearth of emotional aspects in the communication between a student, and a teacher is a premier characteristic to exist. This argument is greatly disbelieved by Hooks, who believed in the adaptation of “Teaching with love”. Reflecting on this belief with personal experience I thoroughly second the thought process put forward by Hooks. Hooks states in his article, “Teachers who fear getting close to students may objectify them to maintain valued objectivity.” (Hooks). The relevance of these lines in times of contemporary education can be verified with experience. Oftentimes, a curtain is drawn between students and teachers, to maintain a certain distance, to preserve the dominant nature of teaching. While this may be useful to the oppressor up to a certain extent, the domestication of students is bound to backfire at some point in individuals' lives. Undoubtedly, the amount of information that is imparted to students can be significantly enriched with the inclusion of emotional bonding between the two parties. An equal line of standing must be maintained, to reduce the impacts of the occurrences subsisting in the banking method of teaching.

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