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The Effectiveness of Gun Control (Essay Sample)


argumentative essay on gun control in the united states. the paper covers the effectiveness of gun control as well as Refutations to Gun Control. The discussion primarily focuses on whether the measures taken to control firearms violate human freedom or whether there is a link between crime and firearms


Gun control is a political law that imposes measures aimed at restricting access or possession of firearms. It is an issue that has led to debate and emotional turmoil in many developed countries such as the United States (Reeping 1542). The discussion primarily focuses on whether the measures taken to control firearms violate human freedom or whether there is a link between crime and firearms. In the US, advocates of gun control argue that the strict enforcement of firearms laws leads to a reduction in crime, which saves lives (McLean 978). It is also considered to be a possible form of suicide. On the contrary, those who oppose applying these laws say that when there is a limited firearm, people are assured that they have adequate means of protection. So for them, the more widely distributed weapons are, the more secure society can become.
Effectiveness of Gun Control
Research has shown that the number of reported armed robbery cases is greater than the number of reported cases of illegal firearm use (Pomeranz 1279). A study by American citizen Linda Dahlberg in 2004 confirmed that the risk of suicide or suicide incidents increased by having a gun at home (McLean 990). Statistics also show that most shootings in the United States are the result of legally purchased firearms. In another incident, about 75 percent of the 70 reported mass shootings at one time or another, guns used to kill lives were officially purchased. Reeping (1542), says gun control laws can help prevent restricted people from owning guns to buy them, especially from private dealers.
In addition, gun control should be restricted and controlled because owning a firearm can increase the risk of violence rather than reduce it (Reeping 1542). People who are not legally authorized to own a gun can still own and use firearms to increase crime in the United States (McLean 985). Exemptions from confidential transactions that do not require an individual background check are subject to US law. With this store, it will still be possible for people who cannot own guns to buy from these private shops. This argument is supported by McLean (987) who says guns should be limited in the United States because they may be stolen from people who have legally bought them from criminals and used them as a means of expanding their activities. If no guns are ever allowed to belong to anyone, we will have no one to blame because criminals will not get guns quickly (McLean 990). He said allowing guns to belong to other people was as good as letting them be seized by people who wanted them because nothing could stop these criminals from seizing guns from their owners.

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