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The Impact of Technology on Education and Learning (Essay Sample)


The sample explains the effect of technology on education and learning and includes changes in the education environment, teaching, and learning practices. The paper provides an elaborate outline that provides its structural approach. The paper is divided into different sections that tackle the specific impact of technology on Education.


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Topic: The Impact of Technology on Education and Learning
Thesis: Technology represents a dynamic tool that transforms education and learning, makes learning easy, and requires new skills to learners.
The Impact of Technology on Education and Learning
Technology has redefined the classroom space through changes in the learning environment and modernized teaching and learning practices globally. Changes in technology improve the process of disseminating systematic instructions and information by educators and eases learners’ acquisition of knowledge and skills. Technology represents a dynamic tool that transforms education and learning, makes learning easy, and requires new skills for learners.
Technological Changes and Consequent Transformation in Learning
Technological changes such as the invention of digital portable devices, virtual reality, and mobile technology result in improved infrastructure that changes learning. The inventions provide a convenient digital learning environment that facilitates access to educational materials for educators and students irrespective of their geographical locations (King and South 29). Improved internet speeds and access and affordable internet-enabled devices utilize the online collaboration platforms that revolutionize the learning space in formal and informal settings. Learners and educators use available smart electronic devices to improve daily remote interactions, access to a wide array of resources,

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