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How We Came to Be the Only Humans on Earth (Essay Sample)


Description of book and how it relates to course material

Book analysis
Lone Survivors: How We Came to Be the Only Humans on Earth
By Chris Stringer
In this revolutionary and engaging piece of science and well documented evolution literature, widely acclaimed paleoanthropologist Chris Stringer brings out a fresh theory regarding the origin of humanity and challenges both the multi-regionalists (researchers who strongly assert that that modern humans evolved from early ancestors in diverse parts of the biosphere) and his "out of Africa" model that he had developed earlier , which upholds that individuals developed promptly from single tiny part of Africa and then extended to substitute all other humans from other parts of the continent. Chris Stringer bases his new theory on the genetic and archaeological evidence. From it, he comes up with a conclusion that different humans live together and contested across the African continent. They exchange tools, genes and behavioral schemes.
In the book, there is clear dwelling on advancement and new discoveries. The author uses them to support his findings. He dwells on analysis on new and old fossils from around the globe. He gathers studies on DNA of Neanderthals and many other species so as to find a basis for his theory. It is a requirement for a theory of his type to focus on recent archeological studies and DNA evidence using a full genome map. He certainly does this to prove that the recent fossil discoveries are in line with his model. Most importantly, the author has given much attention to the evolution of human behavior to help in justification of his theory. As part of identifying the credibility of the findings, several ways can be used such as the study of human behavior and studies in geology, plate tectonics geochronological dating and paleoclimatology. The author documents these strategies therefore serve to highlight the credibility and consideration of anthropological details. It is safe to say that his findings enjoy seamless integration to the evolution subject through credible factual presentation.
The manner in which Stringer navigates through other presentations presents an idea for examining the present theories in other books such as those...
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