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Some of school's classes are not useful for TOFEL test (Essay Sample)


The essay explains why some of school\'s classes are not useful for TOFEL test.

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Some of school's classes are not useful for TOFEL test
ESL Classes are vital in learning English vocabularies by non-native students, and it requires the use of different approaches to enable the learner grasp English concepts much faster in order to aid them not only in their learning development, but also assist them to pass their TOFEL exams. Teachers use various methods to assist ESL students in their quest. However, I find most of the classes included in teaching ESL not useful in the passage of TOFEL exams. Instead, I propose that classes should be allowed to focus on practicing and understanding the TOFEL exams. This is the best way to enable students to get better grades in the test.
English being a universal language is spoken in many countries all over the world. In addition, most official communications in global commerce and politics centre the usage of English language as the key. Most importantly, speaking English is a practical language skill that is a basic requirement when seeking a job, operating a business, travelling or studying abroad (Ghazal 36). In light of this, learning English vocabularies by non-native students requires the use of different approaches to enable the learner grasp English concepts much faster in order to aid them in their learning development. With this in mind, many schools that offer ESL classes ensure that students are highly proficient in English language through a TOFEL compulsory exam. Moreover, teachers ensure that students who do not perform well in the test are not allowed to graduate from their classes. Because of this, it is essential to aid ESL students in passing these exams at all cost.
Teachers employ many tactics and methods in ensuring English language acquisition for the ESL students. For instance, teachers encourage students to practice while conversing in order to master pronunciation of different vocabularies over time. Irrespective of how much a student may learn from textbooks or memorise grammatical expressions, the information gathered is useless if the students do not practice what they have already learnt. Furthermore, memorising and reading English vocabularies from English textbooks assists students to recall them with precision and accuracy. On the other hand, the learner is able to incorporate the words learnt into their daily conversations with friends and teachers through speaking (Curtin 21).
Conversely, Muller (2011) asserts that all this knowledge acquired by the students through memorisation and vocabulary practice is again useless without being tested (Muller 47). The only way for the teacher to gauge the students' level of understanding would be through testing. Therefore, it is essential for teachers to engage their students in TOFEL practice exams. Through this practice, the teachers can be able to identify the weaknesses of students, and learners can practice learnt skills for the betterment of their final resul...
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