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I do not believe in Perfect research done at any time (Essay Sample)


no hope of perfect research

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I do not believe in Perfect research done at any time.
In the advancing world, research conducted has been conclusively crucial disagreement notwithstanding the fact that it has amounted to the progress in the human growth and has bring progress in living standards and of plentiful improvement in science and technology. This proves that it has led to positive progression to civilization and in understanding. Therefore, it is the human beings need to advance both the methods that are in use in the study of research and make improvement of the skills even if it is not easy to assure people since they keep on shifting they lifestyle, taste and preferences all the time.
Research can be well understood as the “structured and original assessment made with aim of creating facts and principles that will enhance the knowledge and thoughtful of life processes”. Even though they are continued existence of many research technique and methods used, there is no assurance that the system used, or effect are perfect. This has drastically put to performing researchers to progress on both the methods used and the winding up so that they can demonstrate to people on the product of the research findings.
In accord with, Rogers, F. (1983), who believed that, perfect is anything that is in a state of being total restricted of any mistakes, weaknesses or omissions. In research studies, the term perfect may be used to bring to a close that it is an acknowledged fact. Nevertheless, nobody can be voted for as perfect which proves that the condition of perfection is not a matter-of-fact or winding up in the current world. Human beings are advancing and becoming better complexity with time. It is therefore not awarder to find out that researcher unfairness will methodically take over research result, going by the fact that it is nearly impossible to avoid individual unfairness.
The utmost adversity facing many scholars is the prospect of research errors. Not only the result of errors that set the job of sincerity of research, still the continuation of narrow-mindedne...
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