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Interlingual Errors Involving English and Mandarin (Essay Sample)


The task was to give five examples of L2 interlingual errors and explain how the influence from L1(s) or other L2(s) causes these errors. the sample focuses on errors resulting from mandarin's influence on a student learning english.


Interlingual Errors
Language learning involves committing errors. They are evidence for a creative process in which students use hypothesis testing and various approaches for studying a second language (L2). A scholar’s native language (L1) plays a significant role in learning an L2 (Ortega 33). Errors resulting from L1 influence are called interlingual mistakes. Most of these faults occur as learners assume L2’s rules and forms are similar to their native language. Some of the interlingual errors that I often commit include commission, avoidance or omission, overuse, information structure, and thinking-for-speaking faults.
Indeed, English and Mandarin belong to two different language families. I make many errors in spoken and written English due to patterns incorporation from my native language, which has more differences with English than similarities. The most outstanding ones are commission faults. I make incorrect article choices while writing; for example, I use “this” or “that” as determiners in cases where English would use the definite article. Likewise, I always make an error while aspirating consonants, such as “p” and “t” at the end of a word or syllable. Hence, I pronounce “robe” while I mean “rope.” Indeed, 

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