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Physical Education Examples Essay Research Coursework (Essay Sample)


to find an online video and highlight how it can be used as a teaching tool


Physical Education Examples
In the video “Teen Dance-Happier 09-11-2018,” young people are involved in a structured dance. The adolescents exhibit high skills in this activity which shows that this is an area of strength for them. An educator can use this activity to divert the focus of the learners from the game to academia, especially in teaching math where students are required to use mirror symmetry and geometry (angles and lines). Learners would better understand such concepts if they are required to use main mathematical concepts such as angles and lines to create their dance movements. The activity the teens are involved in is important because dance is associated with high levels of cognitive skills, and a teacher can use these developmental skills to promote learning in the classroom. For instance, to perform the movements shown in the video, the students need to have full control of their motor skills, and this can be useful in a learning environment. Moreover, physical activities such as dancing help to alleviate stress in young people making them more receptive to new information.

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