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An Essay About Friendship (Essay Sample)


Write an essay about friendship

Lenny 1
Lenny Njenga
Need for a companionship is evident in all creation. We were created for one another and for
each other. Every person in the world at some point of his or her life realizes that it would be
difficult to make all alone. We take a spiritual and self discovery journey in pursuit for the right
friends in our life. This journey sometimes results into catastrophic where we end up
welcoming bad company in our life which results into our life becoming a living nightmare.
Some friends however brings joy to our life and enriches our existence and results to our life
becoming a wonderful experience. Friends come with many agendas into our lifes; some come
for the need of companionship where others come to take everything we have attained in our
life. It is important to quickly identify them and smoke them out of your life. We all however
need friends. No man is an island. Sometime a leaning shoulder is much needed in times of joy
and sorrow. A life spend together sticks firm to our memories as we discover how short our
stay is in this world. Friends remind us who we are and where we are in this wide framework of
existence. We share our moment and grow up together, taking every moment at a time going
through experiences and different stages of our development. This moments says along with us
as a memorial of a life well lived.
Friends attaches into our lives as a gift from a higher power. We came to realize this when a
friends steps up in times of need. Sometimes we go through hard times in our lives and lack the
courage to surge on into life. A friend however is there to comfort and share the burden of
Lenny 2
tribulation through encouraging one another in hard difficult times. Since long ancient times,
friends were considered man best strength. No one can ever make it for himself in this life
without engaging your friends. They ensure one is able to get through life by encouraging him
and offering comfort which each and everyone of us need at some times in our life’s.
Our life is marked by instances where celebration is imminient.Birth of a child for example is a
time of jubilation where the world receives a new guest. Such times requires celebration and
jubilations, however no man can celebrate all by himself as he would not find the complete joy
to do so. Love is clearly felt when it is shared. Such times require involvement of friends to
usher in the new life. Christmas and other holiday celebration all demand s that we share our
moments with those that are close to us and we love. Such moment’s friends become very
much needed as we celebrate being a live and having health to reaching that day. Sorrowful
moments also require involvement of companionship and friends. Burial times is normally full
of sorrow as people gather to usher away a death of a loved one, such moment requires
involvement of friends who are there to supports us and give us a comforting heart. It is at such
time that we really appreciate the role friends have upon our lives.
A friend is vitally important in times of emergencies which each and every one of us
experiences at some moment of his or her life. Money difficulties sometimes edge us to borrow
from a caring friend. Hard economic times force us to approach any person you feel more close
and comfortable about. Friends as well helps us it times of decisive dicesions.A friend will
always make sure you don’t end up regretting an action which you intend to do by offering you
the best advice through knowledge or experiences. Such choices enable us to make the right
decision in our lives as no man can know everything. A man who surrounds himself with the
right minded friends ends up making the right decision in his life.
Lenny 3
It is through friends that we are able to know ourselves in the community. A renowned proverb
states that show me your friend and I will tell you the kind of a person you are. Character and
traits are developed through friends. They shape us to become who we are today. Influence by
friend’s results to us becoming better person as the right friends enacts the right behaviors and
Some people believe it is through friends that we corrupt our moral and become unworthy
people. However it is through the right friends that our life is shaped. We share our thoughts
and experiences as the same time building ourselves up with the friends we associate and make
out of our life. Fiends ensure we become successful that they may also benefit in the long run.
Friends are always there to correct us whenever we err and we get to quickly change our ways
by their direction as our guide. Friends sharpen us to become better people in the society and
our life.
Choosing the right friends however holds the key to success. The right friends are a fountain of
prosperity and good health. Sometimes these friends get to stick to us closer than our brothers
who in some cases may be far away from where we are. No man have ever reached greatness
unless through involvement of his or her friends. They hold the key to suc...
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